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4chan Grey Alien
The photo that was allegedly taken.
Type Alien Sighting
Continent Unknown
Country Unknown
One-Time? Yes
Theories * Photoshop
  • Sculpture
  • Painting

On November 21, 2018, an anonymous user on 4chan had posted an image to the paranormal board /x/ of what was claimed to be an alien. The image was accompanied with the following text:

"This was a picture that was taken from inside a car that I was working on. Full story was that I was working on it about at 11pm and I heard a bang on the front of the car. I thought it was a raccoon so I took a picture with flash to scare it off, But when I took a picture I got this. Having seeing this I turned on my flashlight only to see that it had disappeared. I had matched up the picture next to the car and the wall behind it and measured how tall it would be, and it was about 8 feet. Can anybody tell me if this was a prank on me or if this was real. Honestly I think it’s real."

After extensive digging by fellow users of the board, it was determined to be a hoax.


The alien resembled a typical grey alien but with slight differences. Instead of purely black eyes, it had discernable pupils and an iris. It was also taller than grey aliens are usually described.


  • The original post had garnered over 400 comments in response by 158 unique posters. The image was reposted onto the website Reddit, particularly the subreddit titled r/Alien, where it received even more attention and speculation.
  • Here is a link to an archive of the original thread.[1]
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