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Antarctic Godzilla
An artist's depiction
Type Cryptid
Continent Antarctica
Country None
One-Time? Yes
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 · Hoax

The Antarctic Godzilla is a massive aquatic cryptid said to live in Antarctic waters.[1] It is one of the largest cryptids ever encountered, comparable in size to the 'kaiju' of Japanese cinema, hence the name. It was sighted just once on February 13, 1958, at about 7:00 PM, by the Japanese research vessel Soya at Lutzow-Holm Bay. It is sometimes described as a Ningen.[2]


The creature was first described in eyewitness Captain Matsumoto's book "Transportation of Antarctica"[3] published in 1959 by Sogensha;

It was on the second Antarctic voyage.

On February 13, 1958, she had escaped to the open sea with the Barton Island in the United States after she had accommodated the eleven who had wintered during preliminary observations. (...)

At this time, there was a voyage chief, chief engineer, watch officer, and pilots in the bridge at Soya. No one had heard of the observers, who were talking about the expropriating wintering people.

It was just around 7pm. It was still hot, so I saw something black on the surface of the water about 500 meters after the Barton Island advanced. About 300 meters from "Soya". Looking closely, it looks like an animal, but it seems a bit too big for it, saying, "There's something going on there."

He glanced at the same time, but somebody said, "It's a drum can that I took off on Barton Island." I said, "Let's see if the empty cans can stand upright in the water even though the wind is blowing about seven or eight meters," he continued. However, the strange thing suddenly turned into a face, and she turned to Soya.

"Well, don't you know that big face or eyeball! It's a very big animal face

." The watch officer immediately tried using binoculars. I noticed that I had two eyes and two ears. The chief engineer went out to get his camera in his room, but when he returned, he was already behind the bow and missed shooting.

The monster has a head length of seventy or eighty centimeters, and looks like a cow from the front. The top of my head was round and it looked like a monkey, and one animal doesn't look good anyway. The hair was dark brown, about ten centimeters long, and seemed to cover the whole body. With large eyes, pointed ears, and shoulders up above the sea, I could see for about thirty seconds.

At that time, another engineer at the bow was also watching the electric engineer. In his story, the monster was spilled into the water near the bow, but had a serrated fin on its back. From a closer look than we did, it was more like a terrestrial animal than a whale or a seal because of its hair growth and facial shape.[4]


Possible Explanations[]

There are multiple explanations as to what the creature could be or could've been. Theories include:

  • A hoax created for the sake of storytelling.
  • A cetacean (either an undiscovered species or a beluga).
  • A Ningen.
  • A pinniped (Like the cetacean hypothesis, it either an undiscovered species or a leopard seal).

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