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Berkeley Square Horror
An illustration of the creature
Type Haunting
Continent Europe
Country England
One-Time? No
Theories  · Ghost
 · Demonic presence
 · Unknown cephalopod

The Berkeley Square Horror, also known as the Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square, was an infamous haunting that took place in the 18th-19th century in 50 Berkeley Square, London, England.


  • Slopping/slithering noises
  • A gray gelatinous creature
  • Brown mist
  • A white figure
  • A 'collection of shadows' with clawed feet and razor sharp, bird-like talons.
  • A grotesque man, with a hideously-large mouth
  •  A 'vortex of spiralling energy'
  • An 'unknown shape'
  • A shadowy figure
  • A 'small, viciously deformed octopus, pulling itself across the floor, leaving a viscous trail in its wake.'
  • An amorphous being, formless and slimy
  • A dark and shapeless spectral form
  • Heavy footsteps
  • A "presence", that is felt
  • A 'shadow'


This story happened in Berkeley Square. Berkeley Square was constructed in 1740 by William Kent. Many important people had stayed there, few of them are from Winston Churchill that stayed in Building number 48, then George Canning stayed in Building number 50 and in this building the story was unfolded.

No one knows exactly when this building got its terrifying reputation, but the first incident was said to have happened in the late 17th century and started to escalate sometime in 1840 when newspaper reports began calling this building "disturbed", "haunted", and "inhabited by something truly demonic ".

Notable Accounts[]

In 1840, 20-year-old Sir Robert Warboys heard eerie rumors about 50 Berkeley Square. As a student, Warboys laughingly dismissed the tales as urban legend; his friend disagreed and dared him to spend his night in the haunted 2nd floor room. The guard gave him a room on the 2nd floor. Warboys entered his room with a pistol and a candle. About forty five minutes later, the guard heard noises coming from the room, then he heard the pistol sound. He ran and smashed the door down, and in the room he saw the most unforgettable thing in his life. The room exactly the same as before, but in the corner was Sir Robert Warboys' corpse. The terrifying thing was the expression from his face—maybe he saw something horrible. The guard didn't find any clue why Warboys died, the guard just found a hole from his shot. Many years later the thing appeared again, the victims were two sailor from HMS Penelope in Portsmouth named Robert Martin and Edward Blunden. They came to Berkeley Square and stayed in building 50. They walked to the upper floor and slept in Warboys room; 1 hour later, Blunden woke up before seeing a mysterious gray thing crawling on the wooden floor. Blunden awoke Martin and took his gun, but the thing jumped and landed on Blunden's neck. Martin fled to contact the police. They arrived at the 2nd floor, finding the room to be empty. They then found the horrifying expression on Blunden's corpse in the basement.


  • No phenomena have been reported since the house was bought by the Maggs Brothers in the mid-1930s and though many contemporary media outlets reported happenings at the house, more recent investigators claim nothing unusual has ever taken place there. They remark that Lord Lytton's story "The Haunted and the Haunters" bears a remarkable resemblance to the supposed hauntings at 50 Berkeley Square.
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