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Continent Australia
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The Burrunjor is said to be a large saurian animal that supposedly inhabits the deserts of Arnhem Land, Australia. It is said to be a giant bipedal therapod like tyrannosaurus, feared by colonial europeans for devouring cattle and trappers far from any settlement. Despite this no historical record of 'Burrunjor' folklore has come to light meaning it is likely a modern hoax or fabulation. Sightings of such beasts and of giant bird-like footprints persist to this day.


The Burrunjor is described as standing taller than a human on two legs, with a long tail and huge jaws. Forelimbs are rarely described. Occasionally hair or feathers are described. the that it has three-toed footprints, similar to those of an emu though with longer claws.

Likely hoax[]

This legend is a likely hoax, as all of the accounts stem from one researcher, Australian paranormal author Rex Gilroy, who provides no primary sources. None of the Burrunjor stories he recounts can be found in contemporaneous newspaper reports. They also cite individuals who no other record exists of as key witnesses. Moreover the word 'Burrunjor' is not found outside of Gilroy's work to refer to any sort of beast or cryptid. In Arnhem Aboriginal cosmology the name 'Burrunjor' is given to a trickster demigod figure who has no relation to dinosaurs or reptiles of any kind. A rock drawing of a dinosaur supposedly discovered by Gilroy is not a recognized aboriginal artifact and does not appear stylistically consistent with other such art in the region. Stories which have arisen since Gilroys coinage, such as a mass evacuation of outback cattle ranches in 1989 are similarly without primary sources and seem to be pure inventions. These facts notwithstanding there have been some genuine reports of giant reptiles and discoveries of large footprints throughout Australia which have been attributed to dinosaur-like monsters for which primary sources do exist (see below).

Possible Explanations[]

There are several explanations as to what the creature could be. Theories include:

  • A hoax
  • An undiscovered species (a Cryptid)
  • A living dinosaur lineage which survived the KT extinction event.
  • A neodinosaur lineage descended in recent ages from birds or reptiles of modern kind.
  • A giant emu, or a relic giant guana charging on two legs, as modern goannas are known to do

Recorded sightings[]

Frankie Shoveller, an educationalist at Bidyadanga, a remote aboriginal community south of Broome in the Kimberleys, discovered and filmed a set of giant saurian tracks found on the beach near the settlement. Apparently these tracks caused quite a stir in the area and multiple groups set out to go see them throughout the day. Theories ranged from a giant emu to a sea monster to a dinosaur. The video can be found on youtube under the title 'Footprints in the Sand' by pomTv.[1]


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