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This category contains legends that do not fit on any one continent or have been sighted on multiple continents. This primarily includes:

  • Multiple continents
  • Small islands
  • Antarctica (technically a continent)
  • The ocean
  • Outer space
  • Unknown locations
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Miscellaneous Cryptids
Bermuda Beast · Ningen · Qupqugiaq · Rhinoceros Dolphin · Sky Jellyfish · Sky Serpents
Miscellaneous Alien Sightings
Martian Sasquatch
Miscellaneous UFO Sightings
Black Knight Satellite · Foo Fighters
Miscellaneous Hauntings
Miscellaneous Phenomena
Aging Doll · Angel Hair · Bloop · Bottomless Pits · Eerie Silence Phenomenon · Glitches in Reality · Ringing Stones · Skyquakes · Smoke Ring · Star Jelly
Miscellaneous Beings
Black Eyed Children · Black Stick Men · Dopplegangers · Flying Humanoid · Shadow People · Time Travelers
Miscellaneous Events
Roberto Ferreira Nobrega time travel claims
Miscellaneous Locations

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