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Coalbaggie Haunting
Type Haunting
Continent Australia
Country Australia
One-Time? No
Theories  · Ghost
 · Demonic presence

The Coalbaggie Haunting was an infamous haunting that took place during the 1890s in Coalbaggie in Australia.


  • Strange voices
  • Screaming
  • Moving/jumping furniture


Around 1891, Peter Stein, a “hard headed, practical, frugal German,” sold his property at Wagga Wagga, packed up his family, including his adult son Jacob, and set off in search of new property in the Dubbo district of central western New South Wales. On arrival in the district, Peter and his son, Jacob, took up two areas of 2,560 acres each at Coalbaggie, just outside Dubbo. However, no sooner had the Steins settled in, than they began hearing at night “strange voices, loud cooeying, and awful screamings”. (weirdaustralia.com)

Notable Accounts[]

There are no notable accounts that we could find.


  • On 1 June 1894, the Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal published an interview with Jacob Stein conducted by the Dubbo Dispatch.
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