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Demolition Elves
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Type Being
Continent Worldwide
Country United States, Iceland
One-Time? No
Theories  · Hoax/Mass hysteria
 · Culturally significant portents,
 · Interdimensional traveler

Demolition Elves is the name given to global apparitions of diminutive Beings seen directly before or after mass disasters. Resembling creatures of European folklore like gnomes and pixies they are sometimes seen in conjunction with more contemporary phenomena such as UFOs. They have allegedly been sighted worldwide on significant occasions, seen by multiple people at a time.

In the United States demolition elf folklore is relegated to the fringes of the historical record, occurring only in urban legends and in paranormal authors' accounts of events such as the Silver Bridge collapse and the collapse of the twin towers.

In Iceland elves are recognized as legal presences with a right to a territory and a voice in regional development. The elves are associated with certain rocks which must not be moved or touched. In the past construction work that went ahead despite elf sightings and warnings from seers have met with catastrophe.


They are described as being small humanoid figures with a fairy tale sensibility, often dressed in miniature clothes and pointed hats. They congregate at scenes of disaster, often seen 'examining' wreckage, or appear to forewarn disaster. Although most often seen at large-scale tragedies witnessed by huge crowds reports of the elves differ from person to person. Some describe them as more like Grey aliens, or as human-sized, others as inorganic, potentially robotic in nature.

Possible Explanations[]

There are several explanations as to what the creature could be. Theories include:

  • Mass hysteria/Hallucinations brought on by shock
  • An interdimensional traveler
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Culturally significant visionary experiences
  • Robots

Notable Encounters[]

Iceland: In the 1970s, plans to move a rock out of the way of one major road went awry when a bulldozer inadvertently crushed a waterpipe feeding a fish farm. Some 70,000 trout perished overnight and there were so many other freakish accidents in the following days that the project was abandoned. One workman claims to have been stricken with bad luck ever since. There are many stories of machines breaking down and workers becoming ill when they interfere with elf rocks. ([1])

West Virginia: John Keel recorded a sighting of Demolition Elves climbing the Silver Bridge days, appearing to be working on it with hammers and strange tools. Days later the bridge collapsed, a tragedy which Keel felt was directly linked to the elf sighting and to other strange phenomena in the preceding months; "After a month of brutally hard work, divers and rescue teams recovered thirty-eight bodies. Several other people in Ohio and West Virginia were never heard from again and it was assumed they also went down with the bridge. A number of UFO witnesses were among the dead. "I talked to one woman who lives right by the bridge," Mary continued. "She says that two days ago she saw two men climbing the bridge." "Climbing on it?" "Yes. They weren't walking across. They were climbing around the sides of it" "Was she able to describe them?" "They were wearing checkered coats and black trousers. She couldn't see their faces too well because they were so far away. But she did notice their shoes. They weren't wearing boots, just ordinary shoes. She thought that was odd because of me weather we'd been having.' ([2])

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