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Olinda UFO
Edited image with zoom of the UFO.
Type UFO Sighting
Continent South America
Country Brazil
One-Time? No
Theories  · Alien craft
 · Hoax

The Olinda UFO was a strange circled object seen flying at an unidentified neighbourhood in Olinda, Brazil on July 9, 2017. The UFO was first reported to the UFO Hunters. The same UFO was sighted by the same person at Jaboatão dos Guararapes on June 6, 2018.


July 9, 2017 characteristics[]

The July 9, 2017 was described as "circle shaped green UFO look-a-like." The UFO was seen flying beyond the person backyard when he was doing some laundry. Then, a "slowly moving green circle shaped object in the skies began to develop itself as the clouds had just come out." The person then quickly got his camera and shot a photo of the UFO, pointing with his finger.

One notable characteristics of the July 9, 2017 UFO was that it slowly disintegrated and then began to return to its normal form.[1]

June 6, 2018 characteristics[]

Apparently almost one year later, the mysterious UFO object returned. This time the person who sighted it said it was possible to see the alien face. The person buyed an binoculars in December 2017 for exploring possible UFOs in the sky. The UFO returned, but with a different format. The UFO was now oval and was moving very quickly, but after 10 seconds it suddenly slowed. The person was at the house's rooftop and zoomed the binoculars at the UFO and spotted the alien face. According to the person, it "was looking like he, or she was wearing an ski mask. The alien was green with some blue colors" Altough the sketch the alien clothings are black. The person did a sketch of the alien the following day of the sighting. The person also alarmed his family members about the incident.[2]


  • Olinda had several UFO sightings before. A quick search in google "UFO Olinda" shows a number of results.


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