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Roberto Ferreira Nobrega time travel claims
Roberto Ferreira Nobrega.jpg
Photo from Roberto from his Facebook profile
Type Being
Continent South America
Country Brazil
One-Time? Yes
Theories  · Hoax
 · Time traveler

Roberto Ferreira Nobrega is an alleged time-traveller from Jaboatão dos Guararapes from 2075 who travelled back to 1910 along with two partners. His Facebook page contains several posts of him talking about his time-travelling matter.

Appearance and characteristics[]

Roberto is a man who is at his 60s and says he's from 2075. He is a clinical psychologist at the company Hospital de Traumatologia e Ortopedia de Paraíba do Sul. He studied psychology at the University of Vassouras. He attended CE Lions Clube of Paraíba do Sul. He lived in Paraíba do Sul and may have moved to Jaboatão dos Guararapes.

Time travel claims[]

Roberto first posted a status on 20 December 2018 saying that he wanted a 623 GB machine with generators and partners for his time travel trip to 1910. On 21 December 2018 he posted a status that he found a partner for his time trip to 1910. On this status, a man named Eduardo Ferreira asked if there was a room for three. Roberto replied yes, and gave the address: "Edifício Antonio Falanga, Rua Andarai, Jaboatão dos Guararapes". The other partner was George Duckham. The time trip seemed to be successful; he posted a status on the same day, saying: that they made contact with Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso; that they witnessed the Revolt of the Lash and that they were part in the foundation of the SC Corinthians Paulista.

Later, he posted a status, congratulating George Duckham and Eduardo Ferreira. On December 22 2018 he posted a status that he was going back to 2075 at 8:14 p.m. and thanked everyone who helped at his time trip to 1910.


Roberto did some vague predictions, those predictions are:

  • 2019: A civil war will start.
  • 2024: A great famine will affect the world
  • 2075 (the year Roberto came from): The cure for rabies has been discovered

Possible explanations[]

  • A hoax
  • A time traveler


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