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Rock Apes
An artist's depiction
Type Cryptid
Continent Asia
Country Vietnam
One-Time? No
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The Rock Apes, also known as the Rock Apes of Vietnam, Batutut, Ujit, or Người rừng ("jungle people"), a group of alleged violent humanoids reportedly sighted multiple times during the Vietnam War, which ranged from 1955 to 1975. These creatures were seen mostly by American G.I.s, who told their stories after returning home.

Appearance and Behaviour[]

The Appearance Of Rock Apes

Rock Apes were described as hairy, Sasquatch-like humanoids. They were said to be from three to seven feet tall, stout, and very muscular, and some with protruding stomachs. Their hair ranged from red, orange, brown, and black in color, covering everywhere except for their knees, the soles of their feet, hands, and face. The feet of the Rock Apes said to look like deformed human feet, similar to the famous photographed 1960 ”Yeti“ footprints of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal.

The Behaviour Of Rock Apes

Rock apes are said to live very deep in the jungle, resulting in fearlessness of humans. They do not shy away from human contact. Prior to the american troop presence, it was said Rock Apes would sometimes walk up to, and sit beside villagers. "The forest people" as they called them, even had the ability to start fires for their own purposes. Post American presence however, they were known to throw rocks (hence the name Rock Apes) and even return grenades when thrown at them. The creatures would also yell and shake their fists in anger at troops in a reportedly human-like manner. Tales exist of vicious attacks and other violent acts. Some exchanges resulting in gruesome human death by being "torn limb from limb" and having guts ripped out. Seemingly if the creature is avoided it will not instigate malice. But if any action taken against it is anything other than peaceful, the human party will pay in blood.

Cryptids similar to Rock Apes[]

Rock apes aren’t the only ape-like humanoids in the world. In the United States there are accounts of “Bigfoot”, "Mountain devils", "Boogers", "Grassmen", "Wildmen", and “Sasquatch“. "Sasquatch" may also be found in Canada, along with "Wendigos". The Himalayas of Nepal and India, report sightings of “Yeti” or “Abominable snowmen”. There are stories of “Yowies” in Australia, "Yehren" in China, "Almas" in Russia, and many more throughout the world. There are creatures similar to sasquatch virtually everywhere, except Hawaii. Although it's worth mentioning they have "Menehune", which are basically smaller sasquatch. Though the world may call these humanoid creatures by many names, they often refer to a tall hairy bipedal creature of the secret wilds.

Possible Explanations Of Rock Apes[]

There are several possible explanations as to what the creature could be. Theories include:

  • Hoax (ape suit, ghillie suit, etc)
  • Misidentified animal
  • Undiscovered species of ape
  • Prehistoric based evolution of ape or man
  • New evolution or mutation of human
  • Human and animal hybrid
  • Genetic experiment
  • Extraterrestrial species
  • Multi-dimensional species


  • Rock Apes were named for their habit of hurling rocks at soldiers.
  • "One particular hill in Vietnam was the site of so many rock ape sightings that it became known as Monkey Mountain".
  • A group of military personnel was found dead and "torn limb from limb" after supposedly engaging in a rock throwing battle with the creatures.
  • Both vietnamese and americans troops reported encounters with Rock Apes.
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