The Bilambil Heights alien was an alleged sighting of an alien in the town of Bilambil Heights near New South Wales, Australia in December, 2010. A 16-year-old teenager named Alex Player had filmed what he claims was an alien in his backyard, and that he also had additional footage from other encounters. The footage was uploaded onto YouTube.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Bilambil Heights alien was described as follows by the teenager:

"The first time I saw it was the clearest. It was not that tall - only as high as the grass - and a grey color with a big head," said Alex

Looking at the footage, the alien resembled a typical grey alien. At one point in the video, it had a red light that it started to shine at Alex that resembled a flashlight before turning it off and disappearing.

Notable Encounters[edit | edit source]

Alex had claim that one time in early November the alien had broken into his house, possibly through his mother's room. Him and his mother stayed within his room listening to the creature move through his house for two minutes. Then Alex claimed they heard a loud thud, the creature likely jumping out off the veranda.

Possible Explanations[edit | edit source]

The most likely theory is that the incident was a hoax, which is the most accepted. This is due to the video being extremely low quality. The alien resembled more like a toy/prop due to how stiff it looked. A member of the organization UFO Research Queensland Incorporated, named Martin Gottschall, has pointed out the movements to be unlike anything natural, and expressed doubt.

Another explanation given is that it was likely a lost child with a flashlight.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first encounter Alex had allegedly filmed on October 5, 2010 has been featured in an independent documentary called Gone With The UFO's. The documentary was stated to be released on DVD in 2011. It appears to have not been released or it is extremely obscure, being available only in Australia, likely.
  • The original upload of the video was on October 5, 2010 on Alex's channel called ThePolishKnob. As of May of 2019, the video has over 900,000 views.
  • The story was initially reported by the Australian publication Tweed Daily News.
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