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The Hiper Bompreço self-immolator
The Hiper Bompreço mall
Type Being
Continent South America
Country Brazil
One-Time? Yes
Theories  · A case of spontaneous combustion
 · Mentally ill boy

The Hiper Bompreço self-immolator was an entity seen by several witnesses on August 20, 2019. A redditor named "PedroFindAGrave" posted a message into the Unresolvedmysteries subreddit, saying if there were virtual witnesses of the incident.

Notable Encounters[]

I remember being told by a friend of mine here in Brazil, that, on the day of the Rio-Niterói bridge bus kidnapping, a incident of darker nature happened in Olinda, but I can't find no news on this incident.

What happened was that, according to him, a teenager, aged around 15-19, put a newspaper around his groin (he was wearing shorts), set it on fire, and then ran into the Hiper Bompreço mall while on fire, and defecating (his shorts were lowered by the time he entered the mall) all the place as he "appeared to have diarrhea". He then escaped without a guard capturing him, or even attempting to run after him. There were several witnesses.

I attempted to search this incident in Google Search, and, believe me, I couldn't find a single snippet about it! Even a mention I could find. All the results I got was like this news: Tiroteio em supermercado de Olinda deixa idosa ferida and that Incêndio no Hiper Bompreço é controlado but nothing related to the man-on-fire-incident.

Photo of the Hiper Bompreço mall

Please, if someone in Olinda witnessed this incident, please comment because I'm worried for this boy.


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